The choir made their imprint in World Cup 2018. Considering that the fame of the choir had gone broad and wide, it might not have been a surprise that they were actually involved in the World Cup. As England made a promising leap through the stages, there was a little ray of hope that perhaps they would have been finalists and take home the cup. Although this dream was not to be, the choir went out and cheered for the England team by singing that World Cup ‘three lions’ song.

The choir recorded this song at the De Montfort University and it was aired on Sky sports. They also sang it at the university and avid football fans were able with much eagerness, to tell the world what they thought about England’s team in the World Cup. The players were encouraged to do their best.

The choir’s role did not end there. During the build-up of enthusiasm in the British Isles, the choir was called by BBC radio to be a part of a morning programme, which was recorded live at the Leicester train station. They sang a variety of songs including ’Higher and Higher’ and ‘Oh Happy Day’  that uplifted those who were going in and out of the train station and also those who were listening their radios in cars and at home.

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