Isle of Man Concert – October 2023

The EAGA Gospel Choir took part in the The Isle of Man Festival of Choirs on the 13th and 14th October 2023. See article:

BBC SOP Gospel Choir of the Year 2023

EAGA Choir has been Shortlisted in the Finals of BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the year 2023

Undoubtedly, an exceptional, glorious and God led performance was carried out by us, the EAGA Gospel choir, on the BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the year competition in the year 2023!
It was indeed a marvellous experience and performance, that was the result of many intense rehearsals and spiritually focused preparation. All for the great cause of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world as well as making an impact to the souls that hear the gospel through the songs that we ministered.

One of the choir members cemented their love for the BBC Gospel Choir of the Year competition.

Indeed, it was a memorable affair, followed by this sweet reminiscence,“I strongly recall being allocated our unifying dress code with our ‘EAGA Choir logo’ the night prior the competition. I felt very honoured and proud to be part of the Choir. Noteworthy, was my sincere gratitude to God, for granting us access to the television platform to share our talent with the United Kingdom. On the day of the competition, the existence of mixed emotions was undeniable amongst us, but once we united in resolute prayer, full of great expectation we boarded the coach to our destination, Manchester.


Our entire journey was made easier through our acceptance that Jesus Christ was in control. So, we let go of ourselves choosing the better part of meditating on the good report of our rehearsals leading up to the competition, the constructive feedback from our Choir Director, Jordan Anderson, and lastly, the certainty that we were on a divine mission. As the visage of a lake is veneer-clear and tranquil, so were the Choir members and we drew from this calmness, opting to enjoy every single bit of this competition’s journey.

Our pleasant countenances mixed with much laughter, delightful to behold with sweetness as well as majesty in our faces, were some of our vital ingredients to overcome this competitive day. With a bit of nerves, we embraced and executed the schedule of the day with boldness knowing that we were doing it as unto God with the intention of blessing all that listened. Minds were all set that we were, ‘a choir on a mission, with focus we would reach it; without we would miss it!’ Furthermore, meeting and interacting with the humble BBC team, from their directors, to their sound technicians, and other choirs was cognitively stimulating. Notably, the zeal of the fantastic group of young people from BIMM was very infectious and contributed to the weight of the electrifying pre-performance atmosphere.



The cherry on the icing was the undying leadership and support from EAGA’s President, Bishop Mark A. Anderson. Bishop Mark’s anointed presence truly helped us stay focused the whole time and with faith we sang our hearts out. We understand that gospel music is a life transforming tool, something we do not take lightly.


Lastly, we remind ourselves and those on a singing mission to impact the lives they meet or minister to, that we must keep lifting Jesus Christ for He is the one who will do the drawing.

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