The children were taken to the field to enjoy themselves and their precious youth. On the morning of 29th August 2018, the children and honoured available adults met at 560 Saffron Lane to go to Wistow Maze. Rice and peas and chicken were served so they would be strengthened and each person was given a goody bag for their own pleasure. The Woods coach arrived not too long after and they all boarded and were off to an adventure. Wistow maze is a place where a field of corn is transformed into a meandering maze. This place is for the fun of the whole family.



On arrival at the maze all attendees were placed in groups and considering that it was the 70th anniversary of the NHS, the clues on the sheets were on certain first aid actions to take when someone fell ill. On arrival at the maze, the owner met, greeted them and then explained about the maze and the instructions were given. Brethren, a mixture of children and adults, were divided into groups and set off in the maze. There was a sound of excitement as many excitedly found the clues to solve the puzzle. No cheating was allowed, although there were times when certain brethren began to find shortcuts.



The group which got the most clues correct won for the day. Missionary Sharon came and she had to be pushed through areas where water puddles were present, nevertheless, even this situation added to the enjoyment. It was fun to see the brethren walking through the field in their groups and having a fantastic time working together. There was even more fun when some got lost and had to find their way back on the right path. The children worked well with the adults and were very obedient to the instructions. After completing the maze most brethren went to the shops that were situated only across the road. They looked around at all the goodies that could be bought and some purchased different items and also used the toilet. They met a lady who made hats and took the link to her hat shop online. The children also sang together a song that they had written about the NHS. This song was well received by the audience.

Soon, it was time to go home and they boarded the coach- bound for Saffron lane.

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