Brother Samuel Mashonganyika made the church proud as he took part in a TV programme which saw children taking on the roles that they would like to do in the world of work, when they grow up. The establishment chosen was the Hello magazine. Although the programme was filmed some time before, it was aired only this year. The session at EAGA was cancelled that day in order to accommodate us all watching the programme together. We indeed made an occasion of it, giving our Lord Jesus Christ thanks for the fulfilment of his Word through prophecy. The children were even treated to ice cream. The love radiated and warmed the room. Everyone enjoyed the show, although some brethren were disgruntled with one of the other children as he seemed to be rather bossy and tried to push Brother Samuel aside so he could be in the limelight.

Eagle eyed brethren watched with overwhelming pride and joy as we saw our own little brother Samuel, working as a royal correspondent for the Hello magazine as alongside his teammate, he met with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. They both took part in a short delightful conversation with these two members of the monarchy as they were asked which books they liked reading.

The programme was quite emotional in some aspects, as hearts were melted when Brother Samuel spoke of how he was bullied when he was at his former school. On the other hand, there was boldness and confidence in how he dealt with his mini ‘antagonist’, Charlie. He was calm, collected and rather humble. He was given a task and tried his best to fulfil without any problems. His father and mother were also interviewed for the programme and many people on social media began praising them for the way they brought up Brother Samuel. They were happy to show that Brother Samuel was a member of the church and this was also commended on social media. Many were happy with the environment in which he was brought up.

Through Brother Samuel’s exposure on TV, many children in church and further afield were encouraged to do well and never give up. They were encouraged that nothing is impossible with them. As a result of watching Brother Samuel, many said that they wanted to join the children’s choir. As the programme drew to a close some brethren began having pity for Charlie.

When the programme ended, there was a round of applause and cheers for Brother Samuel. This made him feel even more special. He was then thronged by the viewers who were asking for autographs. Brother Samuel began signing his autograph on whatever material was provided for him to do so.

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