Vusumuzi Ndlovu

BSc in Forensic Science, 2009

MSc in Biological Chemistry, 2010

PGCE in Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), 2011

Praise the Lord Jesus! I am brother Vusa.

My journey began in August 1983, but the part of it that has impacted my life the most is the one that begun in 2006 when I stepped into a city called Leicester to visit my very close friend Naome who is like a sister to me. I had come to Leicester for the first time to drop off my girlfriend at the time because she was moving to Leicester for her college course. On my visit on that day I decided to ring my friend Naome who I hadn't seen for a few years as she was also based in Leicester. At that time I was just doing a dead end job as a receptionist in a gym and also a cleaning job. But anyway to cut the long story short I met up with my friend Naome got introduced to Bishop Mark Anderson, Sister Ellah Kandi and the whole of the Emmanu'-EL brethren. On that very day I also attended my first session at EAGA (check FAQs to find out more). Now this first session at EAGA was one of the worst experiences I have ever had in my life. I was confronted about my career and what plans I had about my education. Immediately I got upset and found the questions a little bit intrusive because I really had no plans about going to University or back into education at that time and also because these people didn't even know me and here I was, being told that I need to go to University and get myself an education. I know most people would have been very happy to be told to go to University but I didn't even like being told what to do so that was a hard pill for me to swallow. Immediately I came storming out of the room because I didn't want to hear any more of what was being said to me. My friend Naome came after me and sat in the car with me as I was about to drive off and asked me what was wrong but I just lashed out at her as if she had done me wrong. After a few minutes of her coming me down I just thought within myself that these people must really care about me even if they don't know me to even tell me that I need to go to University and get myself an education because that would be good for me and improve my life. So I decided to go back to the room and hear what more these strange lovely people had to say.

I went back home to Milton Keynes that night with a lot on my mind and before the next day ended I found myself making an application to De Montfort University. I got an interview and had to attend within two days as it was the week of clearing. After the interview I was offered a place to do a BSc Honours in Forensic Science. Within the week I had moved to Leicester and was underway with my studies. What was most surprising to me was how this small group of people had changed my mind with just a few words. I had never met bunch of people that praised Jesus and sounded the name of Jesus as much as these people were. Now that's what I call praising Jesus! As the course go underway and assignments started building up, I found empowerment every time I went to EAGA, whether it was Bible study or just a few songs being sung or the music tuition or the drama dance and the signing, whatever it was had a lesson for me and ways of bringing a great big smile on my face. Sometimes I would come to EAGA just upset because I didn't finish some work or lectures ran too long but every time I would just start smiling as I approached Portland building because I would hear the singing and the praise from outside before I even enter the building and before I knew it I would be smiling and already forgotten why I was upset to begin with.

Describing EAGA in a few words to me would be "The Empowerment Centre" simply because I wouldn't be the person that I am today without EAGA. I had no clue on what I wanted to do with my life, I was just happy going to a dead end job and at the end of the week waste my money going out to night clubs. There were many times during my life as an undergraduate that I didn't know what to do because either I was in trouble with my assignments and didn't know where to turn to or I was just feeling lonely and didn't have much people to talk to, but every time my mind started to just venture into boredom all I had to do was walk up the road and I am in EAGA. Loneliness? Thing of the past. I have found a home away from home in EAGA. In case you are wondering I am now undertaking a Post Graduate course in MSc Biological Chemistry. I have enjoyed the journey so far and realise and appreciate the need to be educated for this time and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. In a time when technology has overpopulated the human race and people don't have to think for themselves anymore because everything is automated. But I am here because I'm the new inventor. I am studying to better the world, and be the new employer and not settle for a dead end job (just over broke).

My advice to you as you navigate through these pages is to get an education and change the world. It’s not by chance that you are here. Get Empowered and be the Empowerment for your group of friends and family.