Sapphire Namoale

LLB in Law and Criminal Justice, 2009

My name is Sapphire Namoale, I graduated from De Montfort University in November 2009 where I studied Law and Criminal Justice. My education in law started at college. Law happened to be my favourite subject and I went on to achieve a B grade, which was my highest A Level mark.

I always inquired of God to ensure I chose the degree that he wanted me to study. I have learnt when it comes to studying that it is possible to select a course that is not in God’s will. If you do select a course that is not in God’s will you will inevitably struggle to get by and may even become a drop out. However, when you are in the will of Jesus; everything that you do will succeed. My initial plan was to do a BA Honours in Business and Law; however, I was instructed by the man of God to take a degree in law only. Subsequent to this guidance I received a letter from the university; it stated that I did not have enough UCAS points to get onto the course in Business and Law but went on to say that I was able to start the LLB Hons course in Law and Criminal Justice. It was only Jesus that opened this door for me, as I actually needed more points to get a place in Law and Criminal Justice. This was the course that God had ordained for me to do in order for me to be a lawyer.

During my three years of learning, my motivation was “university is what you make it. As long as you obey God and work hard you will sail through university and pass with flying colours” or in other words with a first class degree. In my university experience, the first and last year were the best years of study for me, as I did not study at all in my second year. I expected that God would enable me to pass my modules in some way without me reading, but God’s will for me was to study. In the subject of law common sense is not sufficient; you must know the law in order to apply it. My advice to all students who are preparing to undertake a degree is to put God first in all you do; obey God, attend all your lectures/tutorials, be punctual, study and liaise with those who have come to university to gain a degree. Don’t waste your time with those who only come to university for a boyfriend/girlfriend, a baby, student loan money, unlimited freedom from parents, alcohol, drugs and attendance at nightclubs