Sylvia Sakupwanya

BA in Public Policy, Government and Management, 2009

Master of Arts in Business Administration, 2010


University at the ‘mature age of twenty-one’ was a dream come true when I initially started. I remember that memorable day, Monday the 5th of October 2005 when I enrolled onto a BA Hons Public Policy, Government and Management degree, mind you a degree that I had not even a clue as to what it was about [ LESSON 1: When one is now set to go to study in university it is paramount no matter how much time is left before you start, for you to know for yourself the course that you are about to commit yourself to for the next three or four years depending on the length of your chosen course.]

I threw away such favour from my Lord Jesus Christ, of entering university with inadequate qualifications by settling for a degree subject which I did not initially want to do, as my final degree classification would show forth thirty-six months later. When I applied through UCAS to do my undergraduate course, I was very specific as I applied to study Social Work as I was going to be a Social Worker but without having any knowledge about what the course was really about.

In relation to the previous statement, [ LESSON 2: Choose your course based on what you naturally love doing or based on the subjects that you love to read and study (Note, my repetitive use of the word ‘ love’. Love in this context means that no matter the pressure or situation, the input and output will always be the same. Therefore for example an individual who chooses to major in Law at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level must love the subject enough to be able to attain and maintain first class grades in assignments and examinations throughout the duration of the course.)

University became a burden for me from the start because I enrolled onto an erroneous course. Initially I had applied to do Social Work but De Montfort University did not have any more spaces left on the course so I was given an ‘unconditional offer’ on an alternative unspecific degree, in Public Policy, Government and Management. Desperate to go to university and with no ambition to attain a specified qualification, I accepted the offer and though I questioned the course within myself in the beginning I did not voice out my doubts because with me university was always about, “as long as I get into university, get through somehow and come out with something that was alright.” [ LESSON 3: You need the right attitude as a university student,” as my father (begotten through Christ) and my bishop, Bishop Mark Anthony Hammer Anderson always says and constantly encourages university students in the Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy (EAGA). It is not just about getting in and getting through, and coming out with something. Such an attitude depicts a lack of ambition and lack of foresight as to how critical it is for a graduate to come out with a 1st class degree in order to reach the highest rank as a Barrister, Solicitor, Judge, Accountant, Consultant, Auditor, Economist, Financial Analyst, Mechanical or Chemical Engineer, Medical Doctor, Professor or Politician (the list is endless) in today’s exceptionally competitive graduate and general employment markets.]

Through all my three years at De Montfort University being a member of a community of young people that have chosen to serve Jesus Christ, EAGA enabled me to withstand the examination and assignment pressures. Hence I never failed any exams even when I was faced with the loss of my beloved father in 2007 just before writing my second year final exams; it is Jesus Christ who sustained me. My final year result was a 2:2 far from the 1st class degree that would have made me more marketable in the general private and public sector job market.

To date, through Jesus Christ I am now studying my Postgraduate degree, a Master of Business Administration [ LESSON 4: The importance of getting a 1st class degree is that you can do a PHD straight away as achieved by my older brother Dr O’Neil Davion Delpratt, but now because I got a 2:2 I have to do a Masters course for a year and then do a PHD after. Also, I have graduated in a specified 1st class undergraduate degree soon, with a guaranteed graduate job which God specifically created for me before the foundation of the world.]