Mwela Ngozi Ohuonu


I can genuinely say that EAGA is one of the best places that I have been so far. I can still remember being nervous about meeting all the established members of the choir, wondering if I would get along with everyone, or if I would be made to feel outcast. My doubts were short lived. Immediately I stepped into the room, I was greeted with warm big smiles from everyone. Each member of the choir came up to greet me and introduced themselves to me. From then on, I knew that I would be happy here. It truly has been an enlightening experience so far. I mean, although I am a Christian, I don't attend church religiously, and EAGA has given me the opportunity of worshipping the lord through singing and playing instruments. Attending EAGA is a form of spiritual release and has also made me more spiritually aware. I've been away from my family for most of the year, which at times has been quite hard to deal with, but thanks to EAGA, I have found a second family, who are kind, sharing, compassionate and are always there for me. I am extremely grateful to the lord for introducing me to EAGA.