Kadie-Ann Williams

BA in Education Studies and Media Studies, 2008

MA in English Language Teaching, 2009 (graduated in 2014)

I am Sister Kadie-Ann Williams. I was born in Jamaica but moved to Leicester in January 2004. Jesus Christ is the one who has guided me through my years here. This has been by being a member of the Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy (EAGA) and the Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Church we are empowered and given instructions on how to live in the right way and have ambition both spiritually and in society. I came to England in the year 2003 after completing a Diploma in Teacher Education and teacher Training. My desire since leaving high school has always been to become a teacher and it remains the same although more interests have been added on.

On arriving in Leicester. I was encouraged to attend university. This seemed like a daunting process but to God be the glory, I began my degree in October 2004. I finished my degree and graduated in July 2008. I then began my Masters degree in English Language Teaching, which I completed in November 2009. This road has been amazing as before I left Jamaica I was being discouraged from applying to any British University as it was said that they were incredibly expensive. I had that dream that I would do a degree abroad and I came here and have already completed two degrees. My first degree involved the study of education and my Masters degree was in English Language Teaching. During both of my degrees, God opened the door for me to pay the fees that home students pay. This was only about a fifth of what international students would pay.

Presently, I look forward to doing a PhD, which involves the study of children with second languages in the normal classroom. It is also my desire to have a language school where people who come to the United Kingdom will be able to attend in order to improve their language skills. Besides this, it is my plan to be a lecturer of linguistics when I finish my PhD. I also aim to develop literacy intervention programmes for children with literacy problems.