The Importance Of Education
In local media today, the upcoming generation receives no predominant emphasis on the importance of reaching one's highest potential in education. Advertently, emphasis on engaging in sexual relationships at adolescent age receives promotion more often in media watched and music listened to for leisure. The depiction of sex outside of marriage, violence, drugs and the degradation of women is promoted all too often in the local media. With most young adults, education is the last thing on their mind unless they have strong supportive role models who encourage achieving full academic aspiration and moral value. Furthermore, if the verge of starting an unplanned family arises, furthering education may become impossible for those without strong supportive networks.

EAGA is the supportive network for students and local communities and supports not only students already in education, but members of the public who desire to maximise their full educational potential. Education is more than just attending a classroom and listening to a teacher to get information on a subject. Education starts from the womb and continues until we depart from this world. The effect of achieving a good education imparts not only to imminent family but largely contributes to the sustaining of communities experiencing globalisation and economical change. Effective education provides sustainability and self-reliance to any community. Education can also be viewed as the integral part of any effective community that provides the vehicle required for the imparting and exchange of information, the sharing of experience and the ground for practical implementation of acquired knowledge.

Therefore, it is understood that education without the practical implementation of knowledge, concepts and formula are dormant and of no use to the surrounding community. Education is effective when put into practical use by solving problems in society, making informed decisions, initiating judgements whether civil or classified and accomplishing successfully the progressive goals surrounding life in the community at large.

Anthony Whyte, Senior Employment Coach, The Intraining Group