Hikima Jewu

BA in Marketing, Media and Communications, 2014

Hikima Jewu.

I will definitely say that Emmanu’-EL Apostolic Gospel Choir has been a fundamental part of my university career. It’s not just the voices or the songs you hear that makes this choir amazing, but the people behind the glamorous red and gold gowns- people from all walks of life, with enough knowledge and experience that will perplex any psychologist.

It was definitely comforting to meet people who are so motivated by the need for improvement, not only on individual levels, but also as a family and a community. I have learnt that better is never enough, even that which may be considered one’s best is not really the best unless you have given it your all.

The support, education and love I have acquired from EAGA have unquestionably been contributory to the driving force in my need to achieve my outmost in my education and life in general. In my view, if you want more than a Degree get a DEAGA!