Hannah Ablitt

BA in Graphic Design and Photography, 2010

After being a student at De Montfort University for four years my life has certainly changed.

I began studying in 2006 doing a foundation course for art and design. After the first few weeks I got hooked up with the wrong company. I started seeing someone that was on the same course. I was doing less and less of my work, and more of his work! My focus was no longer on education but on this new found man. The guy I was seeing was a member of EAGA (Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Gospel Choir) at the time, so near the end of my foundation year I came to the Choir and absolutely loved it. The welcome is something that I will never forget; as soon as you walk into the room you can feel the love. I continued attending the choir practices three times a week and gradually began to attend EAC (Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Church) as well. After a while I moved out of my parent’s house and started committing fornication with a man from the foundation course. This made the situation even worse!

The following year I enrolled to do a degree in Graphic Design and Photography, but for the first two years it was as if I wasn’t a student at all. I wouldn’t stay in lectures, I wouldn’t do the work and if I did ever do some work it would be half hearted, just so I could scrape through to the next year. I eventually broke off with the man I was seeing.

My education suffered greatly and all of this was because I was hooked up with a man that God never gave me!

In the summer between second and third year all of this changed. At EAGA we believe in perfection and at that particular time God was cleaning out his choir. I was carrying a lot of baggage that needed to be disposed of and so all connections with the man were cut. I chose to serve God and stop committing sin. As a result of the simple obedience to God’s word, my university work shot up to an amazingly high standard in third year and I became highly favoured amongst the lecturers who started to use me as a good example for other students to follow! I began to love the course that I hated for two years. The thought of going to university to do work would excite me. I was no longer tied up in mess and finally I was able to be myself.

The success in third year has been absolutely amazing. At the end of the year some of my work was selected to be in the DMU archive so that every open day or interview day my work will be on display, and also I was one of around 10 students selected out of about 100 to have their photo taken with their work to promote the course.

If I was still connected with the man then I would not have been able to achieve any of this, I would most definitely have been booted of the course and have no real ambition to do anything else with my life. Jesus Christ changed my life.