Gifty Vandyke

LLCert in English Law, 2014

My name is Gifty Vandyke, I came to study at DMU as an Erasmus student (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) from Italy where I lived for 13 years. My experience at De Montfort University was a fantastic one. I never dreamt of studying in an English University at a time like this till God Almighty showed me the door he had opened for me in Leicester. My plan was to study a Masters in England after my first degree in Business Law which I am currently about to complete in Italy but little did I know that God had already given me a university certificate, even before I would complete my Bachelor's.

Through Erasmus I had the opportunity to study at DMU for a full academic year and gain an LLCert (law certificate) in English Law. De Montfort University is actually one of the few universities that awards you with a Certificate for your Erasmus experience.

How did EAGA contribute to my studies at DMU? EAGA did a lot for me this year. Before I left Italy, I prayed to God to choose for me the right people to commune with at DMU, people who will do nothing but encourage me to succeed. I found this and more in EAGA. I found one big family, many brothers and sisters ready to push me higher and higher at all times. I can say with all my heart that the best I found in EAGA was the Lord Jesus! When I arrived in Leicester, I kept asking God to show me signs that I may know if I was in the right place. Once I found out that the one and only living God was in EAGA I knew I was in the right place, in the right university and that it was not by chance. What more could I have asked for? In EAGA and EAC (Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Church) I found every missing piece of me.

I started attending EAGA sessions after I met the Choir pushed by my desire to learn how to sing, but I found more than this, I found a home and much support to keep me pushing till the end. I give all the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for him alone is worthy, for by himself he has made EAGA a gateway to success. My motto for this year was God + Study, and that was more than sufficient to succeed.

My encouragement to everyone is to always go for the best that God has given you and put him first in all things and you shall never fail. Thank you Jesus!