Emmanuel Adebayo

BA in Education Studies, 2008

MA in Education Practice and Leadership, 2010

PGCE in Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), 2011

Hosanna to the Son of David King Jesus Christ!

It is an honour to be a Graduate of the best University in the whole wide World- De Montfort University. I graduated from this University in July 2008, however the road was not as easy as I thought.

I gained my A Levels in London at Woodhouse College in London and was asked to decide whether I would like to come to University or take a gap year or go straight into full time employment. Now, with African parents (especially those of a Nigerian heritage), my choices were very slim, as they expected me to go to University without even thinking twice about it. My dad even brought my older brother a Cambridge University prospectus when he was 3 years old and he also showed me at that same age, therefore we knew what was expected of us from the onset.

Moving on swiftly, I had to choose six Universities and place two as my top 2 universities. When I was given this opportunity I chose Universities that were outside the vicinity of where my parents were, My father is a pastor and my mother is an evangelist and I just wanted to be as far away from them as possible, I wanted FREEDOM, I had been living under their rules, regulations and whippings for 18 years (not that this was a bad thing), I thought it was time to be independent and it was time to become a man and experience the things of the world! Hence, my six choices of University were all outside London and due to the fact that my older brother went to De Montfort and I had visited it upon invitations to house parties and raves, I decided to put it as one of my choices. Eventually, when I had received my A level results De Montfort University was the only University that accepted me! When I heard the news I was excited but simultaneously I was disturbed due to the fact that my older brother was still there and I did not want any of my family members to be around as I thought they would hinder me from letting loose and spoil my “fun”.

The first week at university was the fresher’s week and I was so excited; I thought to myself fresh food, fresh girls, and fresh world entirely. During this week I hardly saw my own house as I was out every single day in the raves (without fail), in the halls, at the house parties wherever I thought ‘it was happening’, (What makes it worse is the fact that I am such a good looking young man). This dirty lifestyle did not stop after the fresher’s week it continued for months into my first year, I even managed to host my own raves alongside with my “good” friend. I ended up missing lectures, seminars, turning up late for class and being generally disengaged from my degree. Due to this my grades at the end of the year was lower than expected. After this experience and as time went on there was a void in me that needed to be filled, this void was always there but I chose to act as though it was not. It came to a point whereby I thought to myself there must be more to life than this! The more I continued to go raving and continue in dirty living, the more this void would grow and grow to the stage where I began praying in the night clubs and thinking about EAGA (the Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy) and all my friends would stare at me wondering what is this guy up to now? I met the EAGA choir during fresher’s week, where myself and my good friends met the EAGA co-ordinator with a small table outside the main room where students had to sign up for their clubs and societies. We found this table and the man sitting behind it (Pastor Samu’-El) very different. Therefore, we decided to find out what this man was doing behind such a petite table at the entrance. He explained to us that he was part of the EAGA society at the university and I asked what EAGA stood for and was overwhelmed with the fact that it had my name in it (Emmanu'-EL). We were invited to a session at EAGA and on the first day I was flabbergasted by the loud sound that came from the room where EAGA choir was singing. When we walked in the room, the atmosphere was amazing and beyond words. However, I had made up in my mind I still wanted to continue living a dirty lifestyle, to the point where I tried to hide from some of the members of EAGA, especially when going to raves because I felt that they might look down on me however the opposite occurred. I decided to return to EAGA society even when my friends did not want to follow me there was a drive in me to go. The love we received from the individual people was unseen anywhere else. Every session I attended I became more and more eager to come to EAGA. My love for music grew and grew, to the point where I became involved with playing the instruments with the choir and even teaching how to play musical instruments to other people at the University.

Whilst going to the EAGA society, I attended another church in Leicester every Sunday due to the fact that my brother attended that church. However, in this church God would send me dreams of the EAGA choir singing and my heart would always be at EAGA. I decided to enquire whether the EAGA choir had a place of worship as I was unsure at first and I found out that there was therefore I began to also attend the Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Church. My life started to turn around for the good. The Bishop would always tell me that ‘I am special’, and this would always stick with me wherever I was. I decided to stop going to the night clubs and living a dirty lifestyle. Gradually, my grades began to improve tremendously, I was indeed a happier person and I decided to give my whole life to Jesus Christ. Everything has been running smoothly ever since although there may have been storms there was no need to worry because I knew I had found the answer Jesus Christ who filled the void!

Hosanna to the Son of David King Jesus Christ! I have now received my undergraduate degree and have ascended to complete a masters degree also. Jesus Christ opened doors for me far beyond my imagination. The journey has just begun.

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6