Charmelle Longe

BA in Combined Studies English Literature, Italian and Geography, 2007

MA in Politics and International Relations, Diplomatic Studies, 2009

EAGA what a wonderful place to be, a place that is reality, a place of laughter where your spirit is free. Such a place is EAGA.

Before Jesus brought me to EAGA I was not happy. This is despite the fact that: I had support from home, alright grades in school, friends, comfort, things many strive for, my mind was under duress daily and depression had become one of my closest friends. Even though I had people surrounding me, my only escape was hiding in my room with the same record playing all day till it drove me to want to commit suicide. The world can be a lonely place! The wonderful parents God gave me were in London while I was at university losing my identity, my self-respect and myself. But then I saw Jesus.

All I remember is walking through the streets of Leicester (the City of God) and from a distance I could hear a sound. I remember coming closer to see a small group of people singing, clapping and dancing their hearts out, creating a sound I had never before heard with such passion and purpose.

I come from Croydon in South London. You will always see very talented people playing music and singing in Croydon, but this was not the same. It was as though my heart had found its beat; whatever it was they had, I wanted it to fill me up from head to toe.

A few months later I was approached by Pastor Samuel at Leicester University. I know that God had sent him and Sister Hannah that day to bring me home. That very day I was invited to an open evening for the choir.

Although I liked ‘trying’ to sing I had absolutely no confidence and felt sick whenever I was nervous. Through EAGA I have discovered that I actually have a good voice, I was told I sing like an angel. When I started coming to EAGA sessions, I was encouraged to sing with Sister Mwela a fellow student I met on the open day. We sang together and have been close friends ever since. EAGA is a place for friendship.

Coming to EAGA has also helped me get through my education, and after all that university life had thrown at me, I came out victorious. EAGA teaches you to be a winner. I have graduated from an undergraduate degree, completed a Masters Degree and am soon to start a PhD. With the help of EAGA I have turned my life around to make my parents proud.

EAGA is truly great! There is no place like it on the earth. It’s hard to express this in words, but all that EAGA has to offer is for anyone that wants to be happy, anyone that wants to experience true love, and anyone that wants to be free from burdens, stress and insecurity. EAGA is a lifesaver and it is the world changer.