Bryne Mashonganyika

BA in Public and Community Health, 2009

This testimony is about how Jesus Christ changed my life and will hopefully encourage you never to give up.

My name is Bryne Mashonganyika and I have been in University for 10 years!! Before I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I was classified by my family as disabled. This was because of my apparent lack of intelligence, poor grades and terrible stammer. For this reason in my early years of primary school, my father took me to see a counsellor because he didn’t see me as a normal child and thought there was something wrong with me. I remember when I first went to see this lady (counsellor). My father pressured this lady to say to him that I had a disability but the lady refused to comment as she was not convinced. My grades were so awful at primary school; that some of the teachers recommended me to repeat the year. Seeing my classmates progressing was hurtful. Year after year I was discouraged by my father who compared me to other children and at that point I thought there was no hope for me in life. One of the comments made by my father that really affected me was:

“One day you will become a garden boy”

I took this comment to heart, because I loved my father; despite him discouraging me and I always believed that my father was always right and whatever came out of his mouth would come to pass. So growing up, I believed I would one day become a garden boy and sweep the streets. Everyone had given up on me except my mother. My mother was always by my side throughout this period with the hope that one day my life will change.

During my high school, my English language became worse and was told that my English was at primary school level. I hated school, lost all my confidence and my stammering was getting even worse because of the frustration. My classmates always laughed at me because of my stammering and everything seemed to be against me. I couldn’t get any help and I became isolated. I failed my GCSE with the lowest grades and started looking for a career that did not involve education. I thought becoming a pilot would change my life because I thought it did not involve much education. However, I was shocked to find out that I needed to know maths to become a pilot.

As I said before, my mother never gave up hope on me. She started selling clothes and bought me a ticket to come to the United Kingdom so that I could find something to do with my life, seeing that everyone else discouraged me. In 1999, I enrolled at Buckinghamshire University and I was told to take a year out because I could not keep up with the academic standard. It seemed my English was becoming worse and I ended up changing university. I went to Oxford Brookes University and from there to De Montfort University but it was the same story. At every university I enrolled at I was told to take a year out because I was failing to pass all of my modules. I remember I would go to class and I would come out knowing absolutely nothing.

In 2004, everything changed. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and enrolled at De Montfort University for the second time, this time on a course called Public and Community Health. Immediately, I knew that I had to depend on God who is first in my life. My understanding was enlightened and I began to receive high grades. Clearly, I knew this progression was not because of me but because of Jesus Christ. I even began to have favour with my tutors. Now that my understanding was enlightened, my English grammar and speech became better. After seeing this, I knew my saviour was the only hope for me. Jesus Christ guided me throughout my years at university and until this day I depend on him. My speech became fluent not only in presentations but also among my fellow colleagues. In 2009... I finally graduated and completed my course.

Today, I am studying a Masters in Research (Applied Health Studies) and I work for the NHS trusts in Leicester. My main role is to give ideas to NHS managers on how to implement strategies on engaging young people in the NHS. I thank you Jesus! God has changed my life, and I have no doubt about that. The mere fact that I am writing this testimony to you in English, the subject that I hated and the fact that you can understand what I am writing, it is a sign to me and you that Jesus Christ can also change your life. He has guided me ever since I gave my heart to him and until today, my family do not know.