Annabel Mwagalanyi

BA in International Marketing and Business, 2010

I give all the praise and adoration to God Almighty whose name is Jesus Christ for granting me the favour of furthering my education at De Montfort University. I also thank my Father John and Mother Gertrude for allowing me at the age of 19 to move away from home to a new city to pursue my dream. The Emmanu’-EL Apostolic Church and EAGA have supported me tremendously during my time in and out of University. THANK YOU, TACK SO MYCKE, ASANTE SANA, MWEBALE NNYO!!!

My name is Annabel Mwagalanyi born in Uganda and at the age of 1 I moved to the capital city of Sweden (Stockholm) where I spent 15 years. I have two older brothers and three sisters who all reside in the beautiful country of Uganda. Looking back , today I realise that growing up in Sweden was fantastic . I am very grateful and definitely not ashamed of my Swedish heritage (some members of the Academy refer to me as a SweGandian which is great). I spent three years in London where I completed my A-levels , I studied: Sociology, Business Studies and English Language and Literature at Kingston College.

In the month of October 2006 I left London to join De Montfort University and began my four year course on the International Marketing and Business degree. Prior to this I had visited the University and the Programme leader of my course Levela Rickard encouraged me greatly to come to the university. She said “I really hope you come to this University and if you do, make sure you remind me that I was the one who interviewed you”. This obviously put a smile on my face and I knew that I was guaranteed a place.

The greatest fear I had at the beginning of my course was how I would manage living without my parents after living with them for 19 years. How would I cope living on my own in a city where I knew nobody? I realised that God placed me in University which was evident right from the beginning of my time in Leicester because of how each day unfolded. During the end of the first week of University I met the Gospel Choir who were singing ‘Oh Happy Day’ outside the Campus Centre. Earlier on during that same day I had signed up to join the choir and attend their open evening. I did not know that my life was about to take a sharp turn for the better, Glory be to Jesus. EAGA was like a breath of fresh air and finally a place that I could express the gift of singing which God gave me. Up until this day I spend a lot of time in EAGA and with the members of the Academy and I must say without them I would have never coped with life at University. Therefore it is very important to have the right people around you if you desire to do well in your studies. I am presently working in the finance industry for a reputable bank and studying part-time towards an accounting qualification.