The Importance Of Education
In local media today, the upcoming generation receives no predominant emphasis on the importance of reaching one's highest potential in education. Advertently, emphasis on engaging in sexual relationships at adolescent age receives promotion more often in media watched and music listened to for leisure. Read More ...
Pentecostal Chaplaincy Work
The Pentecostal arm of the chaplaincy is a vibrant and dedicated unit which welcomes both lecturers and students to its services on Mondays 12:30 - 13:30. These services are open to anyone who desires to know God or who has questions concerning being a Christian. The De Montfort Univeristy choir works earnestly alongside the Pentecostal arm in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through singing and other forms of ministration and also invites you to their meetings on Monday evenings 19:00 - 21:15. The choir has been a beacon of hope to many within the university community and nationwide and therefore welcomes you to join in this great life-changing opportunity. Read More ...

EAGA Graduates

EAGA is for the students and since the start many students have passed through the academy doors and some remained and are pennant members of EAGA while some have dispersed home and abroad. They have all been grateful for the spiritual moral, emotional and academic mentoring.

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Farayi Bure
Paul Irobo
John Ogwu
Agathe Schwartzman
Linda Mashonganyika
Anthony Osuji
Cynthia Akushe
Graduate Testimonial