Welcome to the official website of the Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Gospel Academy (EAGA, a.k.a DMU Choir). Please feel free to scroll through our pages where you'll find information about what we do in EAGA, as well as links to our videos and audios. You will also find instructions on how to book the choir for your events.

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Who we are & What we do?
EAGA is a versatile group that is operated under the patronage of the Emmanu'-EL Apostolic Church, Leicester.

We are a group of people who bear one goal in heart and mind to serve the community of Leicester - nationally and beyond.

We are a choir that teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ through song and are often called to minister in different places regardless of distance.
What we have to offer?
Coming to EAGA provides an unforgettable experience where one may
  • Experience the playing of music.
  • Singing.
  • Dancing.
  • Sign Language
  • Homework and assignments help
  • Bible teaching
  • Many more activities

EAGA Highlights

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Featured in EAGA:
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These comments are a few from people who have been touched by EAGA:

  • Wow Wow Wow!!!! Thank you thank you thank you.... You guys are truly amazing! Friend of ours planned for you Adult Choir to sing at our wedding, on the 16th October, and it was all a surprise to us. You guys seriously made our day it was absolutely AWESOME... to have worship music as the entertainment at our wedding was just an honour and Christians and non-Christian a like loved it some are even asking if they can come to church with us... brilliant! My Husband is Zimbabwean and I am English we both so wanted to the African element of us to be presented and you did it so so so well Thank you X100000. Joanne Nyamuda, October 2010
  • I would like to thank everyone involved in Thursday's recording, all the songs were sung with clarity and it resulted in a wonderful recording. On Monday we went into our main courtyard studio to edit what we have recorded and our tutors were very happy with the quality of the sound. When we have finished mixing and editing the tracks that we have recorded we will try to arrange to come along to your rehearsal at the Portland building and give you a cd of all the songs.
We were very impressed on Thursday and it was a pleasure working with the EAGA choir, we look forward to presenting the final copy of all the songs and wish you good luck for your performance on the 1st March.
Once again thank you, Ian, Andy, Lawrence Aarron, February 2008
  • My husband and I saw you at the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick last night. You were out of this world! What a fabulous evening. Your singing lifted my spirits and was truly inspirational- may God bless you all in all you do xx Denise Tollyfield, May 2011
  • To EAGA

    Thank you very much for coming and singing so wonderfully at Sarah and Jordan's wedding on Saturday 30 July 2011. Your singing was amazing and highly enjoyable!
with best wishes
    Philip and Wendy Colthup
  • Eyres Monsell Primary School Fete


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending our school fete on Saturday 21 May 2011. Everyone enjoyed listening to your Choir sing and we raised £1,600. I hope that should we decide to invite you back next year you would be available to attend once again many thanks.
    Mrs E White 
Vice - Chair person
, Eyres Monsell Primary School 
(Parent School Association)
  • As a third year student studying Music Tech and Innovation I was looking to record with a choir for my final year project. I approached the Gospel choir about working alongside them and they were incredibly enthused and motivated in helping me achieve my goal for the final year project. I found that the choir promotes an extremely welcoming tight knit community and actively went out of their way to insure the standard of music was exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the gospel choir and would recommend it to anyone searching to record with a choir/live band, it's a truly amazing experience and topped off my third year at university. Thomas Norman, 2011
  • One of the highlights of my week has been the warm welcome yourself and EAGA church extended to me, for which I am very grateful. I will try to come along to EAGA with my youngest daughter in June.
Praise God for your support and kindness this year. I have really appreciated it. Greetings to everyone.

Praise, peace and blessings Jim Marshall, Former Principle of Samworth Academy Enterprise, Leicester, 2009
  • The Gospel Choir is a wonderful choir who are becoming increasingly known and respected throughout Leicester and far beyond. It is not only in singing that they excel. Their commitment and enthusiasm provides an example that inspires the whole community of Leicester." 

Best wishes, Sir Peter Soulsby, Major of Leicester
  • EAGA is a fine and thriving organisation that has been of enormous benefit to De Montfort University. Not only does the choir enliven many an occasion with their splendid concerts, but the organisation works tirelessly for the student community, and most particularly for those who need most assistance. Members of EAGA are always willing to help, and they devise their own programmes of support for a range of people, including students from overseas, students who may be struggling financially or in other ways, and perhaps most importantly, the young children of choir members supported by homework clubs while rehearsals are in progress. EAGA helps De Montfort University in its mission to make education, and particularly university education, open to all who will benefit. Professor Philip Martin 

Former Pro Vice-Chancellor De Montfort University
  • Carol singing - 2008

    Hello, I just wanted to you to know, how much my family and I appreciated the time and effort you took to come to bring Christian Joy in this Christmas season, with wonderful harmonic singing and the true message of Jesus birth to us in Oadby.

    Opening the door to a talented trio who warmed us with their carol singing was truly heart-warming. We so much enjoyed your rendition of familiar carols with the gospel sound.

    I don't know the names of those who came (who sung on Wigston Road) or I am sure the others who have took the time to bring the message on a cold winters eve with big smiles, but this appreciation is to all who participated.

    It just leaves me to say, may your church prosper, may you feel the love of Christ in the new year and from a fellow Christian, God bless you and many blessings to you all in the church family.

    In the love of Jesus Christ
    Elaine Collins
Date Event
31  Aug  2014 Christening of Florence
25  Aug  2014 Abraham's Journey Day Trip
24  Aug  2014 Whitwick Music Festival
Full detailed list of past events click here

EAGA Reports

The EAGA Choir joined the Journey on the Olympics Praise Bus which was in aid of the UK's torch relay which was started from May 1927. On July 3, 2012, Day 46 of the 70 day torch relay, the EAGA choir sang all around Leicestershire, staying one hour ahead of the Olympic flame. Starting in Loughborough, we travelled through 6 cities
Event Type: Outdoor
It is only on rare occasions that you may find students on campus as early as 6:30am. You may find one or two coming from a night shift in the library or job or even a night club. But such was the sense of occasion on this faithful day as we all excitedly and eagerly anticipated the arrival of Her Majesty the Queen and her Royal party, which included the wife of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge.
Event Type: DMU

EAGA Media Hightlights: Videos, Audios & Photos

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EAGA Media Highlights


Hallelujah at the DMU Winter Graduation




EAGA Greetings

  • Ellah Kandi

    Secretary & Choir Coordinator
    "Praise be to Jesus Christ! Greetings to the world, every man, woman, boy and girl of every nation, race and creed.

    EAGA is here to meet every Godly need. My name is Sister Ellah Kandi EAGA's Secretary, Choir Co-ordinator and Children Overseer. I am part of the 'Generation of Change' that hails from the City of God in Leicester England. Our vision is to bring change to the lives of people in need, not only in our local community but also in the communities of the world. This is achieved by putting the doctrine and teaching of Jesus Christ into action by empowering people of all ages by providing them with education, moral discipline and encouragement as well as catering for their emotional and practical needs."

  • Annabel Mwagalanyi

    Co-Treasurer Member & Committee Member
    "Greetings, in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Truly, EAGAs love and support encourages one’s desire to bring change to the community he/she resides. Therefore without such love and support it would seem an impossible task. Being one body, a unit, EAGA loves to work together - singing one perfect harmony: impacting the nations. Welcome to EAGA."
  • Shingirayi Kandi

    Committe Member
    "This is a story to welcome you to EAGA. After the fulfilment of the Lord Jesus Christ's promise to send the Holy Ghost to the apostles, something very special happened- the apostles spoke in many different languages and many people, who gathered in Jerusalem at the time of the Passover, heard them speak in their own language. They were amazed at this phenomenon.

    From this account, you can see God's desire to have a relationship with every man, regardless of the country they are from; the language they speak, and understanding of people. Here at EAGA, this is exactly what we do. EAGA is on a global mission at heart- reaching out to every man from every continent; singing in many different languages. This is a place, where love excels and we help you to fulfil your calling in this life."
  • Bryne Mashonganyika

    Committe Member
    "Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, our saviour and father, who has brought many sons- from different nations -together to worship him. We have been called to worship him in dance, as well as in other ways such as drama, sign language, drama dance, singing and etc., understanding that this is not the sum and total, for we know there’s no end to him. Being a member of EAGA has influenced every area my life. These include my university educational studies, rapport at workplace and my ability to express myself confidently in EAGA and church. By participating in various activities such as drama, my life has been changed tremendously. This is a part of the mission of EAGA- to change lives. EAGA’s objective is to cater for one’s needs, change their life; to empower them to be successful in every area of their life."

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